This summer, pizza makers all over the world have been looking for a slice of that irresistibly delicious record-breaking fame.
A mile-long Margherita has been created in Italy; in 12 hours a restaurant made over 5,000 pizzas in Switzerland; and Papa John visited London, UK to join hundreds of people tossing pizza dough in the air.
Here Guinness World Records takes a look at the impressive and taste-bud-tingling record titles that have been achieved in recent weeks…
Longest pizza
Seeking to bring the record title back to pizza’s homeland, La Pizza +1 of Sante Ludovico, NIPfood of Dovilio Nardi and Tomato World Week 2015 have recently made the Longest pizza ever, measuring an extraordinary 1,595.45 m (5,234 ft 4.8 in).
longest pizza - portrait 
Previously, the longest pizza measured 1,141.5 m and was created by Marquinetti and the Asociacion Espanola de Pizzeros Artesanos (Spain) in 2011 – but this pizza is skimpy in comparison to one that would cover 15 football pitches.


Using only Italian materials, 1.7 tonnes of mozzarella cheese and 1.5 tonnes of tomato sauce went into this 5 tonne creation.
The pizza was cooked at Milan’s Expo 2015 world fair in Milan, Italy using five specially designed tunnel ovens on wheels that were moved along the length of the pizza, on its U-shaped table.
Longest pizza - oven
80 chefs worked tirelessly for 18 hours to make the oversized Italian favourite – but it didn’t last long. Over 35,000 slices were given to visitors at the Expo for free, and over 300 metres of the pizza were given to the NPO foodbank Banco Alimentare to be redistributed to charitable organisations that assist the poor and needy in Italy.
Most pizzas made in 12 hours (team)

most pizzas made - gwr
Ristorante Sportivi Paradiso (Switzerland) and the Instituto Nazionale della Pizza (Italy) have achieved the Guinness World Records title for the Most pizzas made in 12 hours (team).
In the beautiful location of the Ristorante Sportivi Paradiso and the square outside, a team of 40 expert pizza makers whipped up 5,070 pizzas in just 12 hours.
Once the challenge was accomplished, locals and tourists flocked to taste the record-breaking pizzas which were given out for free.
Most people tossing pizza dough
To celebrate the launch of its 300th store in the UK, popular pizza chain Papa John’s Ltd (UK) has smashed the Guinness World Records title for the Most people tossing pizza dough simultaneously.
Aiming for 300 participants, they exceeded expectations after an incredible 338 people successfully completed the challenge and left London in a cloud of flour.
Papa John's - header
They tossed aside Italy’s Istituto Nazionale della Pizza which previously held the record with 278 particpants.
The pizza giant hired Potters Field Park, beside Tower Bridge in London to hold the huge mass of pizza-tossers, led by Papa John himself: John Schnatter (founder and CEO).
Strictly Come Dancing’s Natalie Lowe took to a stage to dance for the crowd and keep the chefs motivated while they worked.