A young boy’s quest to create a record-breaking loom band bracelet long enough to reach the moon has been fulfilled by his younger brother in his memory.
Three-year-old Jesse Hall (pictured below) and his parents were awarded the Guinness World Records title for the Longest Loom Band Bracelet (team) today on behalf of five year old brother Skye, who passed away last year following a battle with cancer.
Skye, from Abingdon, UK was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour back in 2013. 
While Skye was receiving Oxygen Treatment –which required him to be shut in a pressurised chamber for an hour and a half, three times a week – he spent his time looming, the latest school-ground craze of weaving colourful rubber bands into bracelets.
Explaining their late son's fascination with the loom bands, Skye’s parents Andrew and Sally said, “The staff at the treatment centre always joked with Skye that they were sending him to the moon every time they locked the door and counted down for the pressurisation to start… Skye asked how many loom bands it would take to ping to the moon.”
As a result, the record-breaking “Loom to the Moon” challenge was set in motion.
Sadly, the toxicity of the numerous radical treatments Skye underwent to treat his brain tumour eventually destroyed his nervous system leading to his untimely death before he had completed his giant loom bracelet. 
Aiming for a lasting tribute to Skye, his parents and younger brother Jesse took to social media to urge others to help finish the chain in his memory, as well as to raise funds and awareness for Blue Skye Thinking, a charity that they had set up to support research into and treatment of brain tumours.
Well wishers from across the globe responded to the call with thousands of people sending loom bands from all corners of the world.
Skye's family would eventually collect over 30,000 metres of loom altogether, with the final bracelet measuring a confirmed length of 12,529.4 metres long when it was recently laid out in Abingdon Business Park in Oxford. 

An incredible 41 times the height of the Eiffel tower, Skye's bracelet completely smashed the previous record of 1,473.9 metres.
The challenge today culminated with an official Guinness World Records certificate presentation from adjudicator Alan Pixsley during a moving appearance by Skye's family on UK TV show Good Morning Britain. 
As well as setting a new world record and fulfilling Skye's dream, the Loom to the Moon campaign has also raised a whopping £200,000 for Blue Skye Thinking.