The Guinness World Records title for most pull ups in one minute has a new owner. Yeo Kim Yeong shattered the previous benchmark on his way to taking one of the most coveted titles in the world of fitness with a total mark of 43 pull ups. 
The Singaporean strongman broke the previous mark of 42 pull ups after undertaking a year of extreme physical endurance training with professional guidance throughout.
Under Guinness World Record guidelines,  in order for a pull-up to count, the body must remain straight throughout, i.e. no bending at the waist. The body must also hang limply before attempting the first pull up and must be raised until the chin is above the level of the bar. The body must then lowered until the arms are straight. 
Click below to watch the successful record attempt and read on as we catch up with Yeo Kim Yeong to talk about his fitness methodologies and personal experiences on record-breaking.
Yeo Kim Yeong – Guinness World Records holder for Most pull ups in one minute
How long have you been training for?
I have been training under a professional guidance for over a year, more precisely since December 2014. Following my decision to attempt the Guinness World Records title, I contacted the team at Genesys Gym since I was determined to train under a professional setting (diet, exercise regime, etc) in the lead up to the attempt.
Most pull ups in a minute Genesis Gym
However, my obsession with pull ups started many years ago when I was 15 years old. It is an activity that I have always enjoyed, and thus something I practice every time I visit the gym. 
What was your training regime in the lead up to the attempt?
Time-wise, my training regime was 4 times a week, lasting anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on the program for each day. The intensity of the work outs was substantial, usually causing me to collapse in a heap on my bed after each training!
Besides physical endurance, I practiced self-meditation on the evenings, where I would envision myself achieving the record while reviewing the techniques of pull ups over and over again in my head. 
What made you decide to attempt a Guinness World Record?
I have always believed that nothing is impossible, and that one's dreams are achievable. Ever since I was 19 years old, I dabbled in entrepreneurship and the world of business to be one's own boss, as many of today’s youth aspire to be. After years of failure after failure, I came to the conclusion that I should simply pursue my passions instead of constantly trying to chase after the money.
And that was exactly what I did, continue to pursue the impossible. But this time, not in the realm of business, but in the realm of fitness. Any current record in Guinness World Records' database is something that has been proven to be achievable. But anything more than that has so far never been proven to be possible.  
From Thomas Edison to Martin Luther King, from Oprah Winfrey to Ghandi, every invention, every achievement, and every record that we see around us today, was but first a thought, a dream in someone's mind. As long as we have faith in ourselves, belief in our abilities, and never, ever give up on our dreams, we can achieve anything. 
What does it mean to you to be a Guinness World Record holder?
It means everything. That you can achieve your dreams when you put your mind to it. That nothing is impossible. That the struggle, the sacrifice, and the failures were not only worth it, but necessary. 
I am very proud to be a GWR holder, and very grateful that GWR has granted me such an opportunity. With such a phenomenal variety of records, GWR is but a goldmine for anyone to achieve any dream that he/she deems fit.