Alliance in Motion Global spread smiles all round after a mass of 8,018 people gathered together to form the Largest human smiley ever created.
The record was especially fitting as it took place during the company’s happiness-themed celebration of their 9th anniversary.
At Burnham Green, Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, Manila, AIM Global practically doubled the size of the 4,047 person smiley created by Smile Hypermarket earlier this year, and have significantly raised the bar if this record is ever to be beaten.
The record has massively advanced since it was first set in 2010 by Visit Baltimore (USA) with a comparably tiny 261 participants.
Following the smiley event an impressive 30,050 masked people came together at the Philippine Arena, Ciudad de Victoria, Santa Maria, Bulacan to continue the joyful occasion and break the record for the Most people wearing costume masks.
Most people wearing costume masks
They out-masked the 27,080 participants which gave Angels Baseball (USA) the record in 2011.
These successful record attempts exemplify the way in which large groups of people can come together to create happy memories and make history.