Wang Junkai – lead singer of popular Chinese boyband TFboys – has made social-media history after his birthday message was reposted an astonishing 42,776,438 time, earning him a Guinness World Records title for the Most reposts of a Weibo post ever.
In a posting thanking fans for their messages on his 15th birthday, Wang dedicated a song “for all the people who have always supported me”, consequently attracting the attention of millions of followers.
Click here to view the record-breaking post and video.
TFboys Guinness World Records
Since their 2013 debut, the boyband (consisting of Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan and Yi YangQianXi) have rapidly gained popularity on the internet, with Weibo playing a significant role in their growing success – with their new Guinness World Record title exemplifies the band’s fast-escalating fame.
TFboys’s are currently enjoying huge success in China, Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries and have won numerous music awards as well as making regular TV appearances across the region.
For those who aren't familiar with the group, here is the video of their recent hit “Young”:

TFBOYS: Top Ten facts

* TFBOYS actually stands for ‘The Fighting Boys’.

* The Chinese boyband were put together by Chinese management company TF Entertainment, who continue to manage the group.

* TFBOYS consists of three members; Wang Yuan and Yi YangQianXi who are both 14, and 15-year-old Wang JunKai.

* The band have been predominantly active from 2013 to present day, officially making they’re public debut in August 2013.

* The group sings mainly pop and ‘dance’ style music with rap elements.

* The group is hugely popular across Mainland China, as well as Taiwan, and other Southeast Asian countries.

* In 2014 TFBOYS were awarded with two YinYueTai Vchart Awards for ‘Favourite artist Mainland’ and ‘Most Popular artist Live’. 

* This year TFBOYS won the Top Chinese Music awards for best group of the year.

* Meanwhile, at the 2015 Eastern Music Awards, the band picked up the ‘Best Group’, and ‘ Favourite Group’ awards,  as well going home with the ‘Song of the Year’ award for their track ‘Manual of Youth’.

* Wang JunKai is set to star as a young emperor alongside Hollywood star Matt Damon in the action movie The Great Wall, which is set for release next year.