How Ridiculous

Australian television audiences will witness an astounding record attempt on Sunday evening, after a current affairs crew from the Seven Network program Sunday Night trailed some of our most outrageous, daring and amazing record holders – the boys from How Ridiculous.

The How Ridiculous gang have become famous for breaking, and re-breaking, the record for greatest height from which a basketball is shot. In 2011 they achieved a basket from 66.89 metres above the hoop, from the top of a light tower at the WACA ground.

In the Netherlands in 2013 they bettered their effort with a 91.1-metre basket. But for the Sunday Night documentary, they attempted a truly ridiculous basketball shot from the top of the Gordon Dam in Tasmania – a height of 140 metres, or the approximate height of a 46-storey building!

Will they or won’t they make the monstrous three-pointer? Viewers in Australia can tune in to the Seven Network on Sunday to find out!