Each week here on Guinnessworldrecords.com, we’ll be dipping into our extensive video library to bring you a classic piece of record-breaking action.
In this week's Classics video on our YouTube channel we go back to 2006 and a fearless display of car stunt driving from Briton Terry Grant which sees him achieve 10 consecutive donuts (spins) in a car while standing on its roof.
The incredible footage sees Terry Grant, a multiple record holder begin by performing numerous donut spins of the car sitting in the driver’s seat before climbing through the window and moving onto the roof with the car still in motion. 
Terry achieved the record under the watchful eye of a Guinness World Records Adjudicator in his trademark 1937 Ford Sedan at the Santa Pod Raceway in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, UK, on 3 October 2007 and also appeared on Chinese TV show CCTV.

Sadly for Terry, this record was broken in 2012 by some length when Brazilian Alberto Aires Wierzbicki achieved 52 spins in Pinhais, Paraná, Brasil, on 12 August 2012, pictured below. 

Alberto Aires WierzbickiIt’s not all bad news though, Terry still holds two record for the Fastest time to do 10 donuts (spins) in car (14.81 seconds) and Most simultaneous car donuts by the same driver, which is four, both of which date back to 8th January 2006. 

In addition he also holds Guinness World Records title for the Narrowest J-turn (18 cm (7 in) between the car length 360 cm (11 ft 9 in) and the space between two barriers 378 cm (12 ft 4 in), Fastest time to change a wheel on a spinning car (3 min 10 sec), Most people in a car during a side wheelie (six), Fastest time to drive a car one mile on two wheels (2 mins 55 sec) and Fastest mile driven in reverse (1 min 37.02).  

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