Serial record breaker and all-round daredevil Nik Wallenda reached more great heights today with a breathtaking walk across the rim of the new Orlando Eye observation wheel in Florida.
The 36-year-old tight-rope expert was aiming to set a new record for 
greatest distance walked at the top of an observation wheel - by fearlessly walking across the rim of the 400-foot tourist attraction.
After initial concerns about the weather, and with a gathered crowd watching below, at just after 8am local time. Nik boarded one of the wheel’s capsules and rode to the top, before climbing out and walking onto a steel beam about 6 inches wide.
"It's a little windy," Wallenda told NBC's Today show, which broadcast the event live, adding that the structure was "really wet”.
Nik Wallander tweets
Showing nerves of steel, the time record holder took a selfie with his phone before setting off on a nerve-wracking four minute walk across the structure.
After safely completing the walk, Wallenda rode to the ground atop one of the wheel's capsules.
Guinness World Records is currently awaiting further evidence from Nik’s attempt in order to verify if has indeed added to his collection of world records, which currently includes the titles for First tightrope walk at the base of Niagara Falls, Highest blindfolded tightrope walk, and Highest tightrope crossing by bicycle.
The incredible stunt formed part of the grand opening of the Orlando Eye, which is set to open to the public next week.