The Kaikottikali stands as one of the most popular South Indian dances from the Hindu communities of the state of Kerala.

Kaikottikali Dance India
Performed exclusively by women mainly during the Malayalam festival of Onam, the dance remains popular among Hindu Malayalam women who prepare painstakingly for this special occasion.

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This attention to detail was very much apparent during a successful attempt at the record for largest Kaikottikali dance earlier this month.

Largest Kaikottikali Dance India 5
Led by choreographer Jitha Binoy, the attempt, which formed part of the Thanima 2015 arts festival in Irinjalakuda (India), saw 5,211 dancers set a new record in front of a captivated audience of over 55,000.

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Largest Kaikottikali Dance India - hands on certificate
Planning and rehearsals for the attempt took over 10 months, with Indian politician and Kerala Congress Leader Thomas Unniyadan, playing a large part in leading the organisation of the history-making display of traditional dance.