Adebayo “The Beast” Akinfenwa (UK) recently visited the Guinness World Records headquarters in London where he was presented with an official certificate for his title Strongest player in the FIFA videogame series and challenged to some exciting record attempts.
The record was based upon the FIFA videogame titles FIFA 12 (strength rating 97), FIFA 13 (99), FIFA 14 (97) and FIFA 16 (98), accruing an average strength rating of 97.6.  In the most recent iteration, experts had graded Akinfenwa’s strength stats at 98 out of 99, two more than Dinamo Moskva’s Christopher Samba.
Commenting on his award, the professional footballer who plays for AFC Wimbledon said: “People talk about size, but my stats speak for themselves…There aint nobody stronger than me out there!”
Editor of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition, Stephen Daultrey said: “Very few footballers repeatedly top-score in FIFA ratings unless they're Messi or Ronaldo, so it’s fantastic that a lower-league English player has been recognised by experts as the highest-strength player on four occasions. Akinfenwa has become a real cult star off the back of his presence in FIFA. With his unconventional footballing physique and playing style, it’s very likely that Akinfenwa is the strongest pound-for-pound pro currently in the game – just as FIFA repeatedly claims."
While he was in the office, The Beast attempted the title Fastest time to score against a computer on FIFA 16, though despite several tries fell short of the 33.06 minimum record to beat.
Adebayo gamely took up the call to attempt some classic records with LEGO® and Mr Potato Head.
His dexterity skills were put to the test with the tallest Lego® structure built in thirty seconds achieving a respectable 21, just 7 blocks short of the record title. Ade also made a valiant effort to achieve the fastest time to assemble Mr Potato Head.
Ade Akinfenwa’s FIFA record will appear in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2017 book. The 2016 edition is out now. You can follow Ade on Twitter at @daRealAkinfenwa and here on Instagram. Make sure to also check out The Beast's Youtube channel here.