The Call of Duty franchise has added another Guinness World Record to its swelling records cabinet, this time for the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops III.
The latest game’s UK launch event saw popular YouTubers, footballers and pro gamers descend on London’s Mayfair One on 5 November 2015 in order to compete in the new military FPS.

Call of Duty stream Guinness World Records record attempt 2
The star-studded affair was hosted by Syndicate and streamed through the social media star’s record-breaking Twitch channel, which is currently the most followed channel on the live streaming gaming platform.
The broadcast attracted 442,620 unique streams during its two-hour run and peaked with 58,882 concurrent viewers. That makes it the Most watched videogame launch broadcast, beating the figures set by the Halo 5: Live launch broadcast, which had accrued a very healthy 330,000 unique streams 10 days earlier.

Call of Duty stream Guinness World Records record attempt 3
Activision had celebrated the launch of the latest Call of Duty game with eight launch events from around Europe including Berlin, Moscow, Amsterdam and Madrid. 
However, the London, UK broadcast proved to be the most popular. Alongside Syndicate at the event were pro gamer Callum Swan, and the Premiership footballers Hector Bellerin and Patrick Bamford.

Call of Duty stream Guinness World Records record attempt
The impressive viewing figures further underline the growing roles that the likes of Twitch and YouTube Gaming have for publishers vying for chart supremacy. A week after the Black Ops III launch, a Rise of the Tomb Raider billboard stunt accrued 377,769 uniques viewers across a 24-hour broadcast.
However, as popular as they are, such glitzy gaming events still have some way to go before they can match the viewing figures enjoyed by competitive gaming. A total of 32 million fans tuned in to watch the 2013 League of Legends World Championship livestream on 4 October 2013 – the largest audience for an eSports tournament.