At the impressive age of 59, Stephen “Steve” Ward (UK, b.12 August 1956) has reclaimed his title as the Oldest active boxer, following a fight on Saturday night against Jody Meikle – 24 years his junior – in Chesterfield, UK.
While Steve unfortunately lost the bout in the third round, he nevertheless gave his youthful opponent a run for his money.
Guinness World Records adjudicator Jack Brockbank attended the fight and presented the veteran boxer with an official certificate recognising his incredible achievement.
The cruiserweight previously held the record from 2011 (aged 55), until American Mike Palmer usurped the title on 28 February this year (aged 57 years 327 days at the time of the bout).
When he applied for title Steve, wrote to Guinness World Records stating: “I want to bring the title back to the UK, where […] the Queensbury rules were first made.”

Ward had his first fight at the age of 11, going on to have 10 years as an amateur from 1967 to 1977 – the year he turned professional at the age of 21. He retired following a fight on the 1 June 1987.
In 2006 Steve suffered a serious foot injury which prevented him from engaging in the sport for many years, but he eventually came back fighting and achieved his much desired title belt and a Guinness Worlds Records title.
Above: Steve Ward with recent opponent Jody Meikle
However, following his record-setting fight, Ward told the BBC: "I always fight younger guys, but now I am going to go for boxers who are closer to my age."