Fast approaching a cool one million subscribers to his channel, Dan Bull has become one of the most popular rappers among YouTube’s music community.
The Worcestershire-based musician built-up his huge following off the back of his videogame themed tracks, but the 29-year-old has now turned his attention to the world of record breaking with his latest tune.
Titled ‘The Fastest Tortoise on The Planet’, the inspirational track uses content from the Guinness World Records 2016 book and the new Guinness World Records Gamers Edition, and includes record holders such as Bertie, the world’s fastest tortoise and Tameru Zegeye, who holds the title for Fastest 100m On Crutches.
Describing the track, Dan says: “The song is energetic, positive and motivational, and based around the theme that everybody in the world is unique, and has at least one thing that they can be the best in the world at.”
He now plans to follow up the video in the coming weeks with his very own bid for a Guinness World Records title and has asked his fan base for their suggestions as to which title he should tackle.