Japan has seen records set for Guinness World Records Day 2015 too, with Kenichi Ito (Japan) reclaiming his title for the Fastest 100 m running on all fours, which he had held unchallenged until 2013.
With the extraordinary attempt taking place at Komazawa Olympic Park Athletic Field, in Setagaya, Tokyo, Kenichi shaved just 0.15 seconds off the previous record of 15.86 – but with a time of 15.71 seconds it was more than enough to regain the crown.
Last year, on GWR Day 2014, Katsumi Tamakoshi (also Japan) scampered into the record books with a 15.86 sprint on all fours, at the very same venue.
33-year-old Kenichi has spent many years studying how primates move in order to improve his four-limbed running technique, and his gallop is a lot faster than most people could achieve on a conventional two legs.
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