A extraordinary machine built by student Zackary Gromko (USA) has just set an all-new Guinness World Records title for the Fastest time to solve a Rubik’s cube, completing the incredibly complex puzzle in just 2.39 seconds at an event at Zack's school in Saint Stephens, Bradenton, Florida, USA.
The astonishing robot first scans the cube using two cameras, automatically generates a solution, then rotates the cube using six arms (one for each face of the cube) which are driven by stepper motors and connected to a desktop computer, solving in the blink of an eye.
Following the Guinness World Records guidelines, the cube had to meet the stipulations of the World Cube Association, and was scrambled prior to the attempt according to the official rules that human Rubik's cube competitors abide by.
Zack built the robot because he thought he was too slow at solving the puzzle himself, saying: "Even the best human methods up at this point can take 60 turns, but really any cube can be solved in less than 20 turns."
The teen added: "I have done it purely because this is what I love to do."