Jagathish M spends his days as a tuk tuk driver in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, safely getting people to their destinations on time… but at night he practices extreme stunts and his speciality is side-wheel driving.
He previously appeared on the reality TV show “Guinness World Records – Ab India Todega”, during which he set the record for the Furthest distance side-wheel driving on a motor tricycle at the Juhu Aerodrome in Mumbai, India.
To successfully achieve the title Jagathish had to remain on just two wheels for the entire attempt and travel a minimum of 1 km, but the talented 27-year-old more than doubled this requirement by driving a remarkable 2.2 km (1.4 m).
He has to get his rickshaw moving at a speed of 80 kph before he skillfully uses the steering handles to transfer the vehicle onto two wheels.
Jagathish says, “I never thought this record was achievable, but … I am satisfied.”
This video shows the daredevil driver break the world record and reveals behind-the-scenes footage from his recent photoshoot for the 2016 book.
Jagathish’s record-breaking stunt appears alongside loads more daring feats in the new Guinness World Records 2016 book: Out now.
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