Record Holder Profile Video: Manikyam - the shortest cow in the world

By Rachel Swatman
Measuring 61.1 cm (24.07 in) from the hoof to the withers (and weighing a mere 40 kg), Manikyam is the Shortest cow on the planet - significantly shorter than the previous record holder Blaze (USA), who was 69.07 cm (2 ft 3.19 in) tall.
A team from Guinness World Records travelled to Kerala, India earlier this year to visit 6-year-old Manikyam in her hometown in which she is a local celebrity, for a photoshoot alongside her proud owner Akshay N V (India) and a regular-sized cow.
This diminutive bovine is a Vechur – a breed well known for producing dwarf cows with a maximum height of 90 cm.
Local veterinarian Dr E M Muhammed, told GWR: “It is hot and particularly humid here, and we believe this has an effect on the height of our cattle. If Vechur cattle are taken elsewhere in the country, over time they increase in height. It’s only in Kerala that they maintain their dwarf stature.”
The Guinness World Records team was welcomed to the town by a huge crowd – an indication of how much the whole community care for the cute cow and their delight with her remarkable world record.
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