German videogame-drivers Florian Fleissner and Kenny Drews played Need for Speed: Most Wanted (EA, 2005) for a laborious 33 hours, setting a record for the Longest videogame marathon on a Need for Speed game.
The pair took centre stage at a car exhibition at City Center Langenagen, Hannover-Langenhagen, Germany for almost two days.
Keen fans of the racing series since its first title in 1994, Florian and Kenny decided to attempt the record after seeing a Facebook announcement of an NfS competition.
Their favourite aspects of the game are its track diversity and the option to customize cars.
The boys say that the hardest thing about the record attempt was the sleep deprivation, but “when you open the book and read your own, and it says that you have set a world record, which is truly unique, at least until it is broken again, then yes, that's a great feeling.”
This attempt also earned the two gamers a record for the Longest videogame marathon on a racing game, but they were later overtaken by Simon Platt and Ralph Cooper who played Grid 2 (Codemasters, 2013) for 36 hours.
This video takes you behind-the-scenes of Florian and Kenny’s photoshoot for this year’s Gamer’s Edition, as Guinness World Records and Mercedes give the boys a taste of what it would be like if they actually were racing drivers.
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