Andy Roberson (UK) is a family games and technology critic who produces the YouTube channel FamilyGamerTV – boasting an impressive community of over 100,000 followers – and he has written for various renowned publications including The Telegraph, The Mirror, Forbes, Wired and Venture.
Known for sharing informed opinions on all the latest child-friendly gaming releases, Andy offers parents an entertaining way to learn about and engage with the videogames that their children love.
He often invites his three young kids to play and try out the different products as a way to separate enjoyable gaming successes from disappointing gaming failures.
In his latest video for the channel, Andy recruits his son to review the latest Guinness World Records book and Gamer’s Edition.
His son particularly enjoys reading the Gamer’s Edition, enthusiastically proposing they try and break Kurt J Mac’s incredible record for the Longest journey in Minecraft.
The pair would have a lot of catching up to do seeing as Kurt set off four years ago, but Andy and his son have vowed to attempt one of the Minecraft challenges that appear in the new book very soon. Stayed tuned to find out more.
2016 Guinness World Records Books
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