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This week we return to 25 July 2013, and the moment Andrew Dahl (USA) successfully broke the record for Most balloons inflated by the nose in three minutes on the set of “Guinness World Records – Rekolar Dunyasi”, in Instanbul, Turkey.
Andrew’s challenge was to burst the total of 26 balloons that was achieved by serial record breaker - and the man with the most Guinness World Records titles - Ashrita Furman, and he managed to inflate a breath-taking 27.
This attempt was yet another episode in the ongoing balloon blowing battle fought by the two determined record-breakers, who keep bettering each other’s records.
Ashrita holds the current record after inflating 28 balloons with his nose in December 2013 – but will Andrew to come back and reclaim his title?
By blowing through his wife Marilee's nose, Ryan Barker of Austin, Texas, USA, inflated a balloon measuring 118.11 cm (46.5 in) which was held in her mouth and set a record for the Largest balloon - tandem nose blow, on the set of “Guinness World Records: Primetime” on 10 November 2000.
The Largest balloon inflated in one minute blowing air through the tear ducts of both eyes has a diameter of 16.1 cm (6.33 in) and was achieved by Wu Zuyou (China) on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, on 16 March 2011.
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