Each week here on guinnessworldrecords.com, we’ll be dipping into our extensive video library to bring you a classic piece of record-breaking action. 
This week we return to the set of Chinese TV show “Zheng Da Zong Yi - Guinness World Records Special” in Beijing, where Benito Ros Charral (Spain) leaped into the record books with an impressive attempt at the Fastest time to bunny hop 15 hurdles on a trials bicycle, on 20 November 2009.
A bunny hop is accomplished when a rider jumps the bike into the air from flat ground so that neither wheel touches the ground.
In an extreme test of his bicycle handling skills, Benito bounced over the 65 cm high hurdles in just 26.08 seconds – more than halving the previous record time of 60 seconds.
However, the current record is held by Joe Oakley (UK) who sprang over 15 hurdles in an incredible 13.88 seconds at the Urban Games event in Newcastle, UK, on 19 August 2012.
Benito is still the title holder of a couple of biking trick records though, having achieved the Most gapping bars jumped on the back wheel of a trial bike with 48, on the set of “Lo Show Dei Record”, in Milan, Italy, on 19 April 2009.
He also smashed the record for the Highest wall climb by bicycle with 2.90 m (9 ft 6.17 in) on the set of “Lo Show dei Record” in Rome, Italy, on 12 April 2012.
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