Founded by animal welfare advocates Colleen Paige and Adam Olis in 2005 and recognised annually on 29 October, National Cat Day invites the public to celebrate the furry friends in their lives and encourages people to adopt kitties in need of a home.

To honour the occasion, Guinness World Records has put together a top ten list of purr-fect record-setting felines... Miaow!
1. Newest breed of cat
The newest recognized breed of domestic cat is the Selkirk rex (pictured above), also known as the poodle cat, on account of its thick curly fur, which is composed of three separate layers. It arose from a spontaneous genetic mutation originating in Montana, USA, in 1987, from which the breed was developed. In 2013, it was officially recognized as a genetically distinct line by the University of Veterinary Medicine in the USA, and as a valid separate breed it has been recognized by the International Cat Association, the American Cat Fanciers Association, and the Cat Fanciers' Association.
2. Longest jump by a cat
The longest jump by a cat is 182.88 cm (6 ft) and was achieved by Alley, owned by Samantha Martin (USA), in Austin, Texas, USA, on 27 October 2013.
3. Loudest purr by a domestic cat
The loudest purr by a domestic cat is 67.8 db(A) and was achieved by 13 year old Merlin, owned by Tracy Westwood (UK), at her home in Torquay, Devon, UK, on 2 April 2015.
4. Wealthiest cat
When Ben Rea (UK) died in May 1988, he bequeathed his £7-million ($12.5-million) fortune to Blackie, the last surviving of the 15 cats he shared his mansion with. The millionaire antiques dealer and recluse refused to recognize his family in his will and split the majority of his wealth between three cat charities, with the instruction to look after his beloved pet.
5. Oldest cat living
The oldest cat living is Corduroy (b. 1 August 1989), aged 25 years 339 days as of 6 July 2015. Corduroy lives with his owner, Ashley Reed Okura (USA) in Sisters, Oregon, USA.
6. Longest fur on a cat
The longest fur on a cat is 25.68 cm (10.11 in) and belongs to Sophie Smith, owned by Jami Smith (USA), as measured in Oceanside, California, USA, on 09 November 2013.
7. Shortest living domestic cat (height)
The shortest cat is Lilieput, a nine-year-old female munchkin cat, who measured 13.34 cm (5.25 in) from the floor to the shoulders on 19 July 2013, and is owned by Christel Young (USA) of Napa, California, USA.
8. Longest post-earthquake survival by a cat
In December 1999, 80 days following an earthquake that struck Taiwan on 21 September killing an estimated 2,400 people, a cat was discovered alive after being trapped by a message board that had fallen during the quake and pinned the cat to ground in the rubble of a collapsed building in Taichung, Taiwan. The cat, dehydrated and barely breathing, weighed less than half the weight of a healthy cat that size and was rushed to a veterinary hospital where it made a full recovery.
9. Longest domestic cat (ever)
The longest domestic cat ever was Mymains Stewart Gilligan (aka Stewie) at 123 cm (48.5 in) long. He was owned by Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brandsness (USA) and was measured on 28 August 2010. Stewie passed away in January 2013.
10. Tallest domestic cat (ever)
The tallest domestic cat ever was Savannah Islands Trouble, aka "Trouble", who was 48.3 cm (19 in) tall. He was owned by Debby Maraspini (USA) and was measured at the Silver Cats Cat Show, Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada, USA, on 30 October 2011. He died on 15 August 2012.
...And although this adult male liger (lion and tigress hybrid) isn't a domestic cat, we have to give Hercules a mention for being the Largest living cat in the whole world - and definitely one of the most extraordinary.
Currently housed at Myrtle Beach Safari, a wildlife reserve in South Carolina, USA, he measures 3.33 m (131 in), stands 1.25 m (49 in) at the shoulder, and weighs 418.2 kg (922 lb).