Visitors to the opening celebrations of Kuntsevo Plaza, in Moscow, this weekend, will have the chance to be crowned Officially Amazing as part of a Guinness World Records Live! Record breaking event.
Sultan Kosen
Iconic Guinness World Records title holders, including Sultan Kösen, (pictured above), the tallest man in the world, Jyoti Amge, (pictured below), the shortest woman in the world, and football freestyler John Farnworth, will be guest starring at the unmissable event.Jyoti Ange
Plus, there will be six LIVE! record breaking stations for visitors that fancy their chances at becoming a Guinness World Records title holder.
GWR Live! 2
Visitors will be able to attempt one or all of the following Guinness World Records titles: Fastest time to reassemble Russian nesting dolls blindfolded, Fastest time to arrange a giant chess set, Most football passes in one minute by a pair, Most chair rotations in 30 seconds, Most golf balls putted indoors in one minute and Most aerobic step ups in one minute.
GWR Live!
Kuntsevo Plaza itself will also be attempting a title, for the Most contributions to a handprint painting in 24 hours.
With so many exciting activities to take part in, it’s sure to be a fantastic weekend at Kuntsevo Plaza. We can’t wait to see how many new records will be set!
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