Award-winning Savio Jewellery (India) set itself the challenge to get its name written by Guinness World Records and has succeeded after breaking the record for the Most diamonds set in one ring.
3,827 cut diamonds are set in the sparkling “Peacock Ring” which weighs a bulky 50.42 g.
most diamonds one ring gif 
With the diamonds boasting a combined carat value of 16.5, the record-breaking ring had an intimidating estimated market value of £1,778,879 ($270,000) on the date of verification.
Savio Jewellery’s piece has taken the record from the 2,525-diamond “Tsarvena Swan” ring which was designed by Lobortas Classic Jewelry House (Ukraine) and measured in 2011.
Another recent diamond-encrusted record holder is the 'Eden of Coronet' guitar which  is adorned with 11,441 pieces of diamond (401.15 carats) and 18k white gold (1.635 kg; 57.67 oz), created by Aaron Shum (Hong Kong). At $2,000,000 (£1,352,530; €1,897,410) it is the Most valuable guitar, as verified earlier this year.