Two stars from the Harlem Globetrotters have made new pieces of basketball history after recently breaking a pair of world records at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, home of the Phoenix Suns.  
Big Easy Lofton, who gets his nickname from growing up in New Orleans and his easy-going nature, showed his cool with an expertly executed long-range attempt to take the title for the farthest basketball hook shot, after netting from 61 feet 4 inches.
"My signature move is the hook shot, so owning the world record for that is very special to me," said Big Easy, whose new record broke the old mark of 55 feet 9 inches by nearly six feet.
Not to be outdone, fellow Globetrotter Bucket Blakes notched up the title for the most basketball underhanded half-court shots in one minute, after dropping six times in 60 seconds. 
"I owned the underhanded half-court shot record once before, and it was broken, so I was determined to reclaim it," said Buckets, who broke the previous record of five by one shot. "The only way to beat the feeling of breaking a world record is doing it as a Harlem Globetrotter."
The pair join fellow Globetrotter Thunder Law into the record books. Law currently holds two Guinness World Records record-titles: The longest basketball shot – 109 feet 9 inches – and most recently, the farthest basketball shot made backwards – 82 feet 2 inches – which Thunder set in celebration of the 10th annual Guinness World Records Day back in November. 
The Globetrotters are set to play over 310 games in North America through May. To find out where to catch them, head to To watch more incredible on-court tricks from the Globetrotters, head to their YouTube channel here - and for more incredible basketball world records, check out this playlist.