Fans of the massively multiplayer online first-person shooter PlanetSide 2 made gaming history at the weekend after helping to set a new record for Most Players Online in a single FPS battle.

Organised by makers Sony Online Entertainment and Planetsidebattles, a community group that helps organise online matches, the attempt on Saturday saw 1,158 players simultaneously take part in one gigantic battle via the game’s Jaeger competitive server.

The huge showdown took place on PlanetSide 2’s Hossin continent between all three of the game’s Empires (Terran Republic, Vanu Sovereignty and New Conglomerate).

The PlanetsideBattles Twitch channel broadcast the run at the mark last night, which you can view below.

The attempt beat the previous record of 999 participants set by Man vs. Machine, back in 2012.

Following confirmation of the record, PlanetSide 2 Producer David Carey said: “It’s truly the players that define the game and we’d like to extend a BIG congratulations to our players for reaching such an accomplishment nearly every night, as well as thank them for making PlanetSide 2 exactly the type of experience it was meant to be”

Planetside 2 Guinness World Records certificate presentation
(L-R) Game Designer Bryan Burness, Associate Programmer Katy Anderson, Senior Community Manager Tony Jones, QA Tester Sarah Vu, Producer David Carey

“This amazing achievement shows not only how truly massive the PlanetSide 2 universe is, but also how inclusive its online community is,” said Annie Nguyen, Video Games Records Manager at Guinness World Records. “This title truly embodies the international, record-breaking spirit of Guinness World Records.”

Planetsidebattles have published their own online monument to the feat, which includes a full list of participants in the attempt, and is available to view at

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