Here's one of the new entries in the Guinness World Records 2015 book that's guaranteed to make a big noise.

Yannick Reed, 43, from London, makes a living as a website writer, but in his spare time he is a part-time inventor.


Among his many creations is 'The Hornster’ – a super-powered honker capable of producing a sound pressure level of 136.2 db(A) that has set a new world record for loudest bicycle horn.

Yannick, a keen cyclist who rides around 100 miles a week, noticed that inattentive lorry drivers did not notice his regular horn.

With this in mind he created a horn that's capable of being louder than any heavy goods vehicle.


He describes his neighbours as ‘long-suffering’ as they have had to put up with the racket made by his invention.

On making it into the Guinness World Records 2015 book for two titles (he also has an entry for smallest caravan - check it out here), Yannick claims to be ‘ridiculously proud’.

Guinness World Records 2015 is the 60 th anniversary edition of the world’s best-selling copyright book and ison sale now at all major retailers.

It’s packed full of incredible feats, facts and achievements and also features new Augmented Reality technology that enables the reader to bring record-breakers to life in stunning 3D.

2015 Book Pile

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