A 7-year-old's enormous loom band creation has set a new world record for the longest rubber band bracelet made by an individual.

Ben Mooney, from Bangor in County Down, Northern Ireland became dedicated to creating his incredible wristband woven from coloured rubber bands when the Rainbow Loom children's toy craze became a phenomenon earlier this year.

Loom -band -record ---ben -mooney2
Measuring a total of 753.39 metres (2471 feet 8.96 inches) the fishtail style weave of coloured rubber bands was completed with a month of dedication.

Loom -band -record ---ben -mooney3

Ben would 'loom' whist watching TV, on car journeys holidays and even in the bath!

To help create his record-brealking bracelet, he was given a handmade board by his grandfather to speed up the weaving process and also used a pillow during the process.

Loom -band -record ---ben -mooney5

In June 2014, the rubber band bracelet was unwound along a pathway in Crawfordshire Country Park in County Down with the measuring process witnessed by Ben's family, friends, press off duty police officers and the Mayor of North Down, Peter James Martin. The evidence and witness statements were then packaged up and sent to GWR HQ in London.

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"This challenge has proved a really worthwhile venture," said mum Pauline. "Ben has been able to work towards a goal, having to concentrate on this project towards a conclusion whilst developing a competitive spirit. I have been delighted that he has been distracted from today's technology to enjoy a 'proper' child's toy where his imagination can be used to create something unusual."