Talk about driving away with the prize. The Mt. Hood Mustangs and Fords Club (USA) of Washington state dominated the competition in last week's Fan Choice, winning the vote for their largest parade of Ford Mustangs. To help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary American muscle car, the group brought 766 Mustangs together in one epic parade route.

The Mt. Hood Mustangs and Fords Club's achievement will now be entered into our competition for Fan Choice record of the year as we move closer to the end of 2014.

Every Friday here, we pick five records recently approved by our expert Records Management Team. We'll give you a little background on each and then ask you to vote for your favorite. The winners from each week, like the group from Mt. Hood, will be entered into an end-of-year bracket to determine the Fan Choice record of the year.

Read about our 2013 Fan Choice Record of the Year winner here.

This week's list of nominees vying for your vote includes a red carpet to make any Hollywood premiere blush and the heaviest cauliflower, but first, cool beans!


Fan Choice bean mosaic collage.jpg

Record: 300.85 m² (3238 ft² 44 in²)

Holder: World Largest Seed Art Production Committee (Japan)

Location: Minamisouma, Fukushima, Japan

That's not all: The mosaic consisted of black and white soy beans, with the challengers using 1,864,320 black beans and 2,096,640 white. The beans used - depicting a samurai warrior - were then distributed to the participants/viewers of the event, as well as being processed into miso by the students of Fukushima Prefectural Soma Agricultural High School.


Fan Choice decorated hats.JPG

Record: 445

Holder: Loreto College Swords (Ireland)

Location: Swords, Dublin, Ireland

That's not all: T he theme of the competition at the school was Easter, and the overall winner was student Emma Nultey. The judging was based on color, creativity, construction, originality and overall impact, and the event helped raise funds for the school's South Sudan charity.


Fan Choice cauliflower.JPG

Record: 27.48 kg (60 lb 9.3 oz)

Holder: Peter Glazebrook (UK)

Location: Halam, Nottinghamshire, UK

That's not all: Imagine yanking this one out of the ground! Peter and those at his garden have perfected the art of massive vegetables, as this colossal cauliflower joins his previous records for the heaviest cucumber, onion, parsnip, and potato, as well as the longest beatroot, carrot, cucumber, and parsnip.


Fan Choice red carpet.JPG

Record: 5.35 km (3.32 miles)

Holders: Gera Arcaden and Michael Bilinger (both Germany)

Location: Gera, Germany

That's not all: Red carpets usually mean high-profile celebrations, and this one was no different. The carpet led up to the Gera Arcaden shopping mall in the city, which was celebrating its 15th anniversary. Organizers say it was a symbol of thanks and welcome to all the citizens who make Gera Arcaden possible.


Fan Choice martenitsa.JPG

Record: 10.74 km (6.67 miles)

Holder: Miroslava Ivailova, Anastasiya Velikova and Slavena Daneva (all Bulgaria)

Location: Ruse, Bulgaria

That's not all: Making a martenitsa is a Bulgarian tradition to welcome springtime. It's normally a small piece made of white and red yarn worn throughout the month of March; this martenitsa, of course, was quite a bit larger! The three girls who worked together to handmake the record-breaker were all just 14-year-old students.

And those are your nominees; time now to cast your vote!

Then check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!

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