Mountain bike maestro Cam Zink has jumped his way into the history books after setting a new Guinness World Records mark for longest dirt to dirt mountain bike backflip.

Set with a target backflip length of 100 ft (30.48 m) to register a new world record, Cam’s attempt took place at the base of Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in California yesterday as part of the Mammoth Flip Presented by Monster Energy event for World of X Games.

The successful record bid saw Cam hit a speed of 46 miles per hour, before launching off a 15-foot high ramp, and soaring 100 feetin the air.

Touching down on a 25-foot high run-out landing, Cam’s backflip length was verified as measuring 100 feet, 3 inches, ensuring a new world record had been set.

"Cam, welcome to the Guinness World Records family: You are officially amazing," said adjudicator Alex Angert, after confirming that the jump had adhered to Guinness World Records guidelines.

You can watch Cam’s extraordinary jump in the video player below.

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