Get all shook up, don't be cruel and, whatever you do, don't step on our blue suede shoes -- it's Elvis Week!

For 10 days each August, thousands of fans flock to the city of Memphis and the famous Graceland estate to take part in the annual festival honoring one of the most iconic musicians and pop culture legends of all time: Elvis Presley.

"The King" passed away, of course, nearly four decades ago - Saturday will mark the 37th anniversary of his death. But, as the folks who have been reveling in Tennessee for the last few days can tell you, the power of Presley is still as strong as ever.

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Case in point? A successful record attempt earlier this summer at the largest gathering of Elvis impersonators.

On July 12, clad in the white jumpsuits, wigs and gold sunglasses of the 1970s Presley vintage, 895 participants joined together at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort in Cherokee, North Carolina, USA, to break a mark that had stood for nearly four years. What did the group do once they assembled? Sang a group version of "Can't Help Falling in Love" a cappella of course.

The record attempt capped off Harrah's Cherokee's Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist contest.

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"I want(ed) to be part of the attempt to break this record, and I wouldn't have missed this for the world," participant and Elvis fan Dan Bell told the Asheville Citizen-Times.

Presley's popularity continues to flourish, highlighted by the annual Elvis Week. This impersonator gathering event was the fifth successful attempt over the last nine years of the record's history.

There are, of course, his obvious music-based records, such as being the best-selling solo artist ever and owning the most platinum tallies of any artist or group of all time.

But there are also a number of other records inspired by The King. The folks of Harrah's Cherokee are just the latest in a long line of Presley power:

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-The largest coffee mosaic consisted of 5,642 cups of coffee in different shades, depicting Presley's face. It was created by DFS Hawaii at the DFS Galleria Waikiki in Honolulu in August 2012, with varying amount of milk added to achieve the multi-colored look.

-The most durable Elvis Presley impersonator was Victor Beasley (Belgium, below), who appeared and performed as The King for 48 years, starting in 1955. Beasley was eventually even made an honorary citizen of Tupelo, Mississippi - Presley's birthplace.

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- The longest marathon singing from the Elvis Presley catalog lasted 43 hr 11 min 11 sec by Thomas 'Curtis' Gäthje (Germany) at Modehaus Böttcher, Heide, Germany, on 24-26 June 2004.

-The fastest marathon dressed as Elvis is 2 hr 42 min 52 sec by Ian Sharman (UK) at the 2009 Seattle Marathon in Washington, USA, on 29 November 2009. Ian has set this record three times, including below at the Rome Marathon in 2008.

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-And even the most expensive hair sold at auction belonged to Elvis. When his personal barber Homer 'Gill' Gilleland sold 3 in (8 cm) of The King's locks, he fetched $115,120 (£72,791, buyer's premium included) to an anonymous buyer during an online auction held in November 2002.

As you can see, the folks down in Graceland and Memphis as we speak certainly have the right idea. Long live The King - he's a lot more than a hound dog.

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