If, like many millions of fans around the globe, you’ve been left disappointed by your country’s performance at the World Cup, fear not, there may yet still be a chance of your nation achieving football glory this summer.

The FIFA Interactive World Cup final takes place this evening at Brazil’s Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio, perhaps offering a chance for your country to win a trophy.

Millions of hopefuls from across the globe have attempted to qualify for this record-breaking tournament which sees the world’s best virtual footballers take each other on at the official EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil game.

Just 20 players are left to fight for the title of FIWC World Champion, with a hefty sum of $20,000 US dollars for the overall winner who will be crowned tonight.

Last year’s event set a new Guinness World Records title for largest videogame tournament, with 2,541,519 participants taking part between 1 October 2012 until 8 May 2013, with this year's competition set to exceed that figure.

FIFA remains the longest running football video game at 21 years and is packed full of records and history.

The best-selling sport videogame series of all time, it has sold 105 million units worldwide from its first game: FIFA International Soccer, to its latest instalment EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Other significant FIFA records include:

  • First voiced-controlled soccer videogame-FIFA 13 integrates with Kinect on the Xbox 360 to allow you to call for substitutions and formations using your voice. Watch your language though; swearing at the referee could earn a yellow card.
  • Highest margin of victory on FIFA-the highest margin of victory against computer on FIFA 13 is 307 goals, achieved by Patrick Hadler in Rethem, Germany on 16 of march 2013
  • Most active users for a soccer video game-FIFA 09 introduced the FIFA Ultimate Team feature, allowing players to create and their own club, signing, trading and using their team to play other players online. The series has attracted 21,849,017 online players
  • Longest running videogame licensing agreement-Electronic Arts announced on the 8 th of May 2013 that it was extending the licensing agreement it has with FIFA until the 31 st of December 2022. The agreement began in 1993, and by the time it expires it will have run for 30 years
  • Longest videogame marathon on a sports game-The longest marathon playing a sports videogame lasted 48hours and 5 minutes, achieved by Jordan Bloemen and Scott Francis Winder who played FIFA 12 in support of Ronald McDonald House. They even set up a treadmill near their TV in order to exercise.

So will the England boys David Bytheway and Ty Walton be able to display a significant amount of FIFA prowess? Will Brazilian lad Rafael Fortes out-skill all their opponents? Will the Frenchman Adrien Viaud be able to make that all-important tackle or perfectly curl his free kicks? All will be revealed this evening. You can watch a live stream in the video player below.