Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas, and Greg Maddux.

July is great for many things.

Beaches, barbecues, concerts, beaches some more. What it's not great for is professional sports.

Check out the recent story of Abe Pervin, the oldest boxing coach ever at age 94

Typically one of the slowest months of the year on the sports calendar, July just doesn't pack the punch that a May or October does with many high-level leagues across multiple sports overlapping around the world.

But that doesn't mean the action stopped completely in the world of records.


What with transfer news, domestic league season previews, and training session wonderstrikes like the above happening, it definitely feels like the World Cup ended a year ago, when really it's only been a few weeks.

In case you missed it, Germany's summer romp through Brazil saw a ton of record breaking achievements throughout the month, both within Die Mannschaft and the other 31 squads assembled.

Make sure, then, to check out our great recap of all the FIFA action in our World Cup in World Records feature, an infographic highlighting every record broken in Brazil.



This year's class included a slew of record breakers. Highlighting the group was iconic starting pitcher Greg Maddux. He retired owning records for the most consecutive Cy Young Awards (4, tied with Randy Johnson), most career Gold Glove awards won (18), most double plays turned by a pitcher (98), and most seasons with double-digit wins (20). Simply masterful.

Baseball tends to dominate the sports world in July, as one of the few major professional sports leagues playing every day. But July is also when the sports recognizes its greatest, with the annual induction ceremonies at Cooperstown, N.Y.'s, National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Frank Thomas at one point held the record for more career home runs by a DH, before getting surpassed in recent years by the still-playing David Ortiz. Fellow player inductee Tom Glavine and manager inductee Tony LaRussa didn't own any world records, but managers Joe Torre and Bobby Cox own the most career postseason wins as a manager (84) and most ejections in an MLB career (158), respectively.


A future baseball Hall of Famer, New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is enjoying his farewell season. Playing in his 14th career All-Star game earlier this month, Jeter knocked a single and a double, becoming the oldest player with a multi-hit effort in the game's history at 40. ...Roger Federer couldn't take down Novak Djokovic in this month's Wimbledon finals, but in making the final match, he extended his record for most appearances in the Wimbledon finals to nine, having won seven times. ...Jeff Gordon turned back the clock at age 42 to win his NASCAR-record fifth career Brickyard 400. The coolest part? He won it on the same weekend he had won his first Brickyard 20 years earlier. ...And someone's getting paid in the NFL. Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson signed a five-year, $70 million contract extension, making him the highest-paid CB in the league's history.

And that does it for July. August promises to be probably just as slow, but at least the thought of end-of-season baseball and beginning-of-season soccer will keep us happy until then.

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