Hello friends! It's Annie again, your Community Manager at Guinness World Records Challengers. Hope everyone is ready for the latest news from the world of at-home record breaking!

We would like to feature the wonderful world of food records this month. Here at Guinness World Records, we are lucky to have a chance to witness the diversity of challengers around the world attempting records. A good food culture brings together a diverse community of people! It is that same diversity that we want here at Challengers.

We hope to get more suggestions for new types of food records that anyone around the world can attempt in their own homes. So take a look at the some of records we have currently and feel free to make suggestions for new food records that we can share with everyone around the world!

Fastest time to eat a jam doughnut with no hands

It is very difficult to avoid a sticky situation with this challenge because of the strict rules. However, Philip Joseph Santoro did an amazing job! And, he introduced to the Challengers community an attempt filmed through Google Glass! Let’s see how Philip no-handedly breaks the world record:

Most cocktail sticks inserted into a Gelatin Sweet in 30 Seconds

This record takes speed and accuracy. Are you able to beat this gal's fast moves?

Toothpicks gelatin.jpg

Most creme eggs eaten in one minute

Please welcome back Pete Czerwinski (aka "Furious Pete") back to the Challengers community! We are excited to see more of Pete's attempts on Challengers in the future. How fast will your attempt be? Can you beat the famed competitive eater?

Furious Pete.jpg


We are still in a very egg-cellent mood here even though Easter is over. So let's continue the spring holiday celebration by breaking more eggs! Well breaking more egg records, that is. Again, these are a few records on Challengers that we noticed have not been attempted or broken in quite a long time. We hope to showcase some of these challenges to encourage new and old Challengers to step up to the plate and attempt to break the current world record!

Fastest time to shell a boiled egg

It has been a few years since anyone has tried to beat Sylvio's fast fingers in this challenge! Take a look and try it out:

Most Eggs

Most eggs held in the hand in one minute

Although we have not had any current approved record holders for this challenge, these challengers have balancing skills that can some day put them at the top of the egg pile! Hopefully, we can have a new record holder soon for this challenge:

Fastest time to eat three pickled eggs

We are tickled by these pickled eggs. Kyle Thomas Moyer has a fast chewing method in this attempt and it is a fast time to beat! Check it out:

That’s it for now. See you guys next month, but hopefully I see you directly on Challengers first!

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