Guinness World Records (GWR), the global authority on record breaking achievements, would like to clarify certain reports around the Sports Board Punjab (SBP) official record attempts performed in Lahore, Pakistan on the 15-25 February, 2014.

  • * GWR entered into a formal agreement with Sports Board Punjab for the provision of trade mark licensing and record verification services. We are working with SBP to ratify their official world record s attempts.

  • * GWR Official Adjudicators were not able to travel to this event in Lahore and we do not have representation in Pakistan. As with any other record attempt where GWR is not present, it is mandatory that two independent witnesses are selected by the organisers to provide authentication statements and collect all necessary evidence to be sent to GWR Headquarters in London, where the record is validated if it meets our strict criteria. Sports Board Pujab has followed this procedure correctly.

  • * GWR sent GWR branded merchandise to Sports Board Punjab to be used by the local witnesses.

  • * Sports Board Punjab has attempted 33 official Guinness World Records titles. The record for LARGEST HUMAN FLAG has been officially approved and we are now waiting to approve the evidence for the other 32 events. We look forward to receiving the evidence from SBP and confirming more official Guinness World Records titles for this event.

UPDATE - 06/02/15
A total of nine Guinness World Records titles were broken at Punjab Youth Festival 2014.
Mass Participation
• Largest art lesson
• Most people waving flags
• Largest human national flag
• Most competitors in a multi-discipline competition
• Most cups kicked off one person’s head in one minute
• Most kip-ups in one minute (breakdance)
• Most walnuts cracked against the head in one minute
• Most coconuts smashed on a person's head with a baseball bat in one minute
• Longest duration balancing in box splits between two objects

UPDATE - 12/02/15
Including the 9 records achieved in April 2014, Punjab Youth Festival has achieved 30 Guinness World Records’ titles to date and is the current record holder of 21 record titles.