Already a successful record-breaking group from their 2012 conference, the folks at La Quinta Inns & Suites have come back to give extra meaning to the phrase "not throwing in the towel."

At their annual conference, this year held in Hawaii, attendees set one new mark and broke two existing achievements for a total of three Guinness World Records titles.

The largest towel mosaic measured 2,451.72 m² (26,389.99 ft²) at the Waikoloa Bowl, depicting the American flag (below). A total 2,983 towels were used to create the flag.

LQ towels.jpg

The towels used for the mosaic came from the earlier success at the longest human towel chain, totaling 1,113 participants. It broke the previous record of 1,061.

LQ towel chain.jpg

And, so as to celebrate their achievements, the group also broke the record for longest high-five chain, with 1,110 slapping hands consecutively. That topped the existing mark of 695 and took 23 min 15 sec to complete.

LQ high fives.jpg

Impressively, all three records were broken in the efficient span of just 90 minutes. Just as importantly, the nearly 3,000 towels provided for the event by Standard Textile, Inc. were donated after the event to Fisher House - Tripler AMC in Honolulu.

Fisher House Foundation is best known for a network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment. These homes are located at major military and VA medical centers nationwide, close to the medical center or hospital they serve.

Be sure to watch the conference's entire history-making event in this video summary.

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