We all have a favorite Dr. Seuss story.

It could be "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" or "Green Eggs and Ham." But, despite the more than 60 books published by the real-life Theodor Geisel, perhaps no singular image is more associated with the Dr. Seuss nom de plume than the hat from "The Cat in the Hat."

With that in mind, president Mario Santander of the Armstrong Dads Club at Armstrong Elementary School in Highland Park, Texas, USA, knew exactly how his group wanted to help their children celebrate Geisel's birthday earlier this week: gather the most people wearing "The Cat in the Hat" hats at once.

As Seuss once wrote, "It is fun to have fun but you have to know how!"

Cat in Hat story 1.jpg

Between students, teaching staff, and local police and firefighters, a total of 726 participants donned the iconic hats simultaneously, breaking the year-old record of 281 set in New York City by Random House Children’s Books and the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation.

The schoolweek leading up to Geisel's birthday was deemed "Dr. Seuss Reading Week" by the club. The successful attempt capped the five-day celebration, which featured guest readers brought in to meet the children. Some celebrity guests even stopped by for Seussian activities, like former Dallas Stars hockey players Joe Nieuwendyk, Marty Turco, and Jason Arnott dropping by the cafeteria for green eggs and ham with the students earlier in the week.

“Developing a passion for reading in our students is part of our core mission as we grow learners for the 21 st century," said school principal Dr. Skip Moran. "Dr. Seuss Week at Armstrong Elementary was a wonderful way to celebrate one of our students’ favorite authors and celebrate the joy of reading."

The Armstrong Dads Club also used the attempt to donate money to various charities, including CLASP International and Dallas Afterschool.

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According to the group's web page, the Armstrong Dads Club's " primary focus is giving Dads an opportunity to be involved." The group hosts activities for both students and fathers, handles special projects and school events, and assists school administration to support instructional and school-wide enhancements.

"Capping off our festivities by breaking the world record will be an experience our students will remember for the rest of their lives," Moran said.

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