Less than a month out from its box office opening, Twentieth Century Fox’s new animated feature Rio 2 recently took over the city of Miami for the film’s world premiere.

Not only did fans enjoy a movie screening, a groundbreaking ceremony for the city's official walk of fame, and a concert from the likes of Janelle Monáe and Sergio Mendes, they also witnessed the studio break the record for the largest samba dance: an historic 256 dancers came together to establish the record at Miami's iconic Fontainebleau Hotel.

Samba story 1.jpg

For the attempt, Fox provided the dancers - who all sported traditional Brazilian garb – a choreographed samba dance. Just as the samba is recognized around the world as a symbol of Brazil and its legendary Carnival festivals, Rio and now Rio 2 - which both take place in the South American country - celebrate Brazil's music and grandeur.

Record guidelines required that all dancers be clothed in traditional clothing and that the dance last for at least 5 minutes. A Guinness World Records adjudicator was on-site to verify all counting and ensure all procedures were followed correctly.

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In the new film and sequel to 2011's Rio, returning protagonists Blu, Jewel, and their three kids are taken from Rio to the wilds of the Amazon. Returning characters are joined by Oscar nominee Andy Garcia, Grammy winner Bruno Mars, Emmy and Tony winner Kristin Chenoweth and EGOT member winner Rita Moreno.

Check out highlights from the samba dance and official record announcement right here.

Rio 2 will debut in theatres everywhere April 11.

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