For a month that saw most of the sporting world overtaken by winter, February sure brought a ton of sports record-breaking.

That tends to be the case in any Olympic year and Sochi 2014 was no different. But, the escapades of Dutch speed skaters and Norwegian biathletes wasn't the only thing grabbing our attention this month. Here's a look at some of the best sports records February had to offer, and don't forget to check out our video below for some of the best sports records broken by fans like you this month.


We've already covered the best of Sochi pretty comprehensively elsewhere on this site, and what a great competition it was. The Olympics began shrouded in many fears, but the two weeks in the shadows of the Caucuses brought nothing but the sports memories we're accustomed to from those five famous rings. Let's catch you up on what happened:

Only two years until Rio!


Each year, the best players from the NBA's Eastern and Western conferences suit up to play no defence, throw alley-oop after alley-oop, and shoot 3s like they were hitting from Hot Spots in NBA Jam T.E. I love it.

But this year's All-Star Game in New Orleans took the offense to a new stratosphere.

The 318 combined points in the 163-155 East win broke the record for most total points in the game. ...The 165 combined points in the first half were the most ever in an All-Star half. ...The West's losing effort would've even tied the record for most points scored by a team in All-Star history, which of course the East now holds. ...Carmelo Anthony hit a record eight 3-pointers. It was part of a 100-attempt barrage of 3s between both sides, the most ever in the exhibition. ...And with his tied-for-game-high 38 points, Kevin Durant pushed his record career All-Star scoring average to 30.6 PPG (points per game).


Manchester United fans may not be happy to hear it, but the Champions League is back! Take a look at some of the records set in group play as the knockout stages began this month. ...Sergei Bubka was in the stands to watch his 21-year-old record for the highest pole vault jump broken by Renaud Lavillenie this month. Check out our recap, with videos. ...And, interested in setting a record at a world-class athletic event yourself? Well here's your chance at this year's Virgin London Marathon.

Lastly, don't forget to check out our YouTube Sports Vlog this month, featuring videos of the fastest mile in a bomb disposal suit, shortest usable pogo stick in action, and the farthest golf drive!

See you next month!

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