There was double world record joy for Israel President Shimon Peres today as he delivered the world’s largest online civics class.

The lesson took place at Cisco Israel's headquarters in Netanya with Jewish, Arab and Christian students from schools across the country taking part in the attempt remotely.

Beginning at 10.15 this morning, the President’s lesson lasted 35 minutes and covered the role of citizenship, public service, democracy and the importance of contributing to society in a meaningful way. At the end of the lesson students were able to ask Mr Peres questions.

The record attempt took place using Telepresence - a video conferencing and online collaboration tool which was provided by Cisco Israel, allowing President Peres and the students to feel as if they were both in the same room.

The record attempt was organised by Cisco to demonstrate how their technology will help digitalize education worldwide, allowing for lessons to be delivered by leading experts to thousands of pupils at the same time.

Following the lesson, data was sent to a special results room where Guinness World Records adjudicator Marco Frigatti was present.

With data from the classrooms across the country processed, Mr Frigatti confirmed that 10,579 participants had been verified, surpassing the target figure of 5,000 which was required for a new record to be set.


Before presenting an official certificate, Mr Frigatti announced he had a surprise for President Peres, revealing that the 90-year-old politician was now the new record holder for the oldest current head of state.

Mr Peres succeeds the previous holder, 92-year-old Sir Cuthbert Montraville Sebastian, who retired as Governor-General of St. Kitts and Nevis last year.

Pictures: Mark Neyman GPO