Sharp shooting Patrick Hadler, 19, from Germany has been verified by Guinness World Records for achieving the highest score on FIFA World Cup 2014.

The teaching assistant from Hannover took the title for Highest Margin of Victory against the Computer on FIFA World Cup 2014 with an incredible 321-0 scoreline playing as Germany against the Cook Islands.

Patrick first started gaming when he was just six years old, counting Pokemon on his Game Boy colour and Formula 1 on his Playstation 1 as his early favourite games.

He started playing FIFA with FIFA 2000 on his PS1 in 2001 and got every subsequent FIFA game, playing almost every day.

He decided to attempt the World Record after seeing Jacob Gaby’s record on FIFA 2012 and was sure he could beat it. Patrick was also inspired by YouTube star and FIFA fan KSI who had also held the record for FIFA 2013 and thought it would be great to try and beat his score.

When attempting the record Patrick deliberately chose a weak opponent. It was essential to get the ball as quickly as possible after each restart, one mistake could cost him his record score. It only took Patrick six attempts to crack the record.

Patrick also holds the Guinness World record for Highest margin of victory against computer on FIFA 13 and Highest margin of victory against computer on FIFA 14. When Patrick is not playing FIFA, he also enjoys the Assassins Creed Series.

Patrick is also a big fan of the Guinness World Records books after receiving the 2006 annual as a child and says he is thrilled to make an appearance in this year’s Gamer’s Edition.

“You never think that one day you may get a record and be in the book”, he explains

“However once I found GWR Challengers online I realised that I had an opportunity to break a record and make the Gamers Edition. “

“It’s very cool to get a Guinness World Record and to think that no-one in the world is better than you.”

Patrick appears in Guinness World Records 2015 Gamer’s Edition which is out now. To find out where to buy it in your country, head to

If you think you can do better than Patrick, why not post your score on our Challengers website?