The University of California Irvine is famous for a lot of things. UCI has produced 34 Olympians and three Nobel Prize winners; famous actors like John Lovitz and influential scientists like Roy Fielding.

But it's also building quite the reputation for another area of excellence - record-breaking.

As part of its "Welcome Week" festivities to kick off the latest school year, the Associated Students of UCI have broken the record for the largest pillow fight, bringing 4,200 participants together on the Orange County campus.

"Welcome Week" serves the dual purpose of welcoming back returning students while also welcoming in new freshmen.

It's also becoming known as the time to go after history, as the 2014 edition marks the fifth straight year the students have broken a record.

Pillow fight 1.jpg

From 2010-12, the Anteaters broke the record for the largest game of dodgeball, first with 1,745 students then 4,000 then 6,084.

In 2013, they switched gears to break the largest water pistol fight, with 3,875 taking part.

This time around, pillows were the weapon of choice. And the group broke the record in style, fighting to the Dada Life single, "Born to Rage." This provided a nice meta touch, as the previous record had been set at a Dada Life concert to promote "Born to Rage" last November.

Pillow fight 3.jpg

Proving the brains UCI possesses to go along with the brawn needed to pull off a fifth straight record-breaking year, the school's Antrepreneur Center created a “pillow trade” competition in which students can exchange their world record pillows for new items, with the hope of trading their way up to pay for college.

4,200-UC-Irvine -bashes -way -to -largest -pillow -fight -record

"Every year I've been here, I'm a senior now, they've tried to set a world record," said UCI student and pillow fighter Reed McConnell. "It's pretty cool."

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