With over 1,500 separate pieces of out of this world merchandise, Ian O’Brien has the largest collection of Doctor Who memorabilia, earning him a place in the Guinness World Records 2015 edition.

Ian, from Manchester, UK, says he first caught the Whovian bug after watching Planet of the Daleks - an episode from 1974 and recalls being captivated watching the Daleks trying to bash down a barricade with their plungers.

He kicked off his collection soon afterwards, starting with a yellow Louis Marx toy Dalek.

As of the 6th September last year, Ian's record-breaking collection consisted of 1,573 Doctor Who items, although Ian says his sci-fi treasure trove has since increased by "another hundred or so."

His most prized possession both in terms of value and sentimental value remains a Selcol Nursery Dalek from 1965 bought by his parents for his 5 th birthday.


Ian adds to his collection mainly through eBay, although is constantly on the look out for a deal.

Asked if he has any tips for those looking to start a collection like his, Ian says its pays to bide your time.

"Be patient," he explains, "If you're after something shop around for it, especially this time of year stores are doing different promotions.

"If it's an old item and you're looking on eBay and you come across it, have an idea as to what you would really like to pay for it, see if anything on there is in your price range”


"If it's not, don't worry, it may turn up again. You may have to wait a while but can get good bargains if you search around".

Despite having the world’s largest Dr Who collection, there remains two pieces of Timelord memorabilia that have so far eluded Ian that he is desperate to find.

“There’s a 1971 Jon Petwee Doctor Who annual that I would love to get my hands on, and a Denys Fisher Dalek from 1977", he reveals.

When asked what he thinks of the 12 th and latest actor to play the Doctor, Ian gives his seal of approval to the early adventures involving Peter Capaldi.

“He’s brilliant - unpredictable, totally alien - I think this series is the best it has been in a long time.”