Groups and organizations around the world are doing all they can to raise funds and awareness in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness month. But few will be able to top the impression made by Equilíbrios Camisetas Promocionais, a Brazilian group that used awareness of the disease as the inspiration for breaking the record for the largest t-shirt.

The record-breaking pink shirt came in at a measurement of 93.2 m (305 ft 9.28 in) long by 62.73 m (205 ft 9.68 in) wide, weighing an astonishing 4,500 kg (9,920 lb). It was unveiled in Navegantes, Santa Catarina, Brazil, in the southeastern portion of the country.

Largest tshirt story 2.jpg

Equilíbrios built the shirt in partnership with the RFCC (Female Network Against Cancer) of Brazil. Adding an ecologically friendly layer to the record, the shirt was comprised of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent material from recycled PET bottles.

Approximately 11,000 hours of labor went into the shirt's creation, as a team of 64 assembled it while a team of 73 transported it to the unveiling site. It was the first ever Guinness World Records title achieved in Navegantes.

Largest tshirt body.jpg

To put the shirt further in perspective, you could fit three of Rio de Janeiro's famous Christ the Redeemer monuments on top of each other, and the shirt would still surpass it in length. The shirt would also entirely cover three regulation-sized soccer fields.

After its record verification, the super shirt will now be recyled and transformed into 10,000 conventional t-shirts in a numbered, limited series for sale, with proceeds from sales going to the RFCC.

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"It's very gratifying seeing a dream come true," said Rogério Tomaz, event organizer from Equilíbrios, "let alone contributing to a cause as important as fighting cancer."

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