Over the U.S. Labor Day weekend, 1D went 3D but still couldn't come away with the box office crown. One Direction's "One Direction: This Is Us" 3D concert documentary won the North American weekend box office through Sunday, but "Lee Daniels' The Butler" took advantage of the Monday holiday to overtake Harry, Zayn, & Co. for the weekend box office's top spot at $20 million (£12.85 million). It's the third straight week "The Butler" has sat atop the box office, making it the first movie to do so in North America in 2013. Which is impressive until you put it in perspective next to the movie with the most consecutive weeks atop the box office: "Titanic" for 15 weekends in 1997-98.

In the market for an iPhone? Head to Wal-Mart. The retail behemoth is taking prices of the 16 GB iPhone 5 all the way down to $98 (£62.98), a far fall from the traditional $200 (£128.5) price associated with the latest Apple phone. It's common for a lot of similar retailers to lower such prices ahead of Apple's next model production cycle, but when Wal-Mart does something, it gets noticed - the giant currently holds the record for largest company by sales, logging $469.2 billion (£306.3 billion) in revenues last year.

Elsewhere in the mobile phone universe, Microsoft has announced it will spend $7.17 billion (£4.6 billion) to acquire Nokia's Devices and Services business, plus patents. Surely a move to help Microsoft compete with the Apple's and Google's of the world, bringing the Nokia name under the company umbrella brings a lot of heritage and mobile phone tradition. Nokia's 1100 model is still the biggest-selling mobile phone of all time, with more than 250 million sets sold since 2003.

And if you haven't had enough of all these millions and billions of dollars, can we interest you in Super Bowl advertisement talk -- before the NFL has even opened its regular season? That's the case with a few major brands, who have already announced plans to run Super Bowl TV ads, five months before the big game. Although this should come as no surprise, as the Super Bowl telecast routinely breaks its own record for the most-watched U.S. TV broadcast, with the top 21 most-watched broadcasts ever being Super Bowls.