After various outlets set the Internet on fire Tuesday with reports that *NSYNC would reunite for one performance only at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, former member Lance Bass has broken the glass in case of emergency today. The crooner dispelled the rumors, saying no such get-together was planned. Our money here says to still expect something, either with Bass simply trying to play coy or the group now scrambling to pull it off after such public demand was stirred. Amazingly, the group still holds the record for fastest-selling pop album in U.S. history, with 2000's "No Strings Attached" moving 2.42 million copies in its first week.

TV Guide released its salary guide to television's biggest stars. Among the highest earners in various genres were Jon Stewart in late night ($25-30 million/£16-19 million), Ashton Kutcher in comedy ($750,000/£477,647) per episode), and Howard Stern in reality ($15 million/£9.55 million), with daytime's "Judge Judy" Sheindlin leading all personalities at $47 million (£29.9 million) per year. But if you count up all ownership stakes as well, Simon Cowell is the highest-earning television personality, as his overseeing of the X-Factor franchise earns him $95 million (£60.5 million) per year.

Joining the television fray next year? Potentially Rambo. Reports have surfaced that a TV show based on the Sylvester Stallone franchise is in development. Not a bad horse to hitch your wagon to: Stallone, in addition to the four-film Rambo series, helmed the most successful sports movie franchise, grossing more than $1.25 billion (£795 million) across his six "Rocky" films.

Lastly, if you love fruit and ice cream, then Latrobe, Pennsylvania, is the place to be this weekend. That's because the town where a local pharmacy invented the banana split dessert in 1904 will host the three-day Great American Banana Split Celebration starting Friday. We hope they pay homage to the longest banana split, which measured an epic 7,320 m (24,015 ft 8 in) made by the residents of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, USA, on 30 April 1988.

And, just because we still have *NSYNC on the brain, enjoy our favorite video of their oeuvre with us.

Say it ain't so, Lance!