The way Mary Kay Inc. went about setting its first-ever Guinness World Records feat reads almost like a high school math word problem.

If 10 makeup artists paint for a combined 1,000 hours, how large of a makeup painting will they produce?

The answer? One large enough to break a world record.

With the help of Eyecon Studios, Mary Kay set the Guinness World Records achievement for the world’s largest makeup painting this week, with the finished artwork measuring 56.5 square meters (608 square feet).

The record attempt indeed required 10 artists about 1,000 hours over 16 days to complete, not including 40 hours of product and materials testing and 60 hours to create the design, which was a tribute to Mary Kay’s 50 th anniversary.

Mary Kay painters.jpg

The completed 2.44 m x 23.16 m (8 ft x 76 ft) painting featured more than 3,500 Mary Kay® makeup products, including liquid foundation, lipstick, powdered shadows, eye color, and eye primer, all applied using 300 makeup brushes.

“We wanted to celebrate Mary Kay’s 50 th anniversary in a big, visual way and the opportunity to set the Guinness World Records title with the biggest painting made out of makeup products seemed only fitting,” said Sheryl Adkins-Green, Chief Marketing Officer for Mary Kay Inc. “The mural is a tribute to the limitless opportunities Mary Kay provides to women around the world along with the innovation and creativity that has always been a part of our culture.”

Mary Kay certificate.jpg

The Guinness World Records certificate was presented by official GWR adjudicator Michael Empric at the Mary Kay annual convention known as “Seminar.” This year's Seminar took place in Dallas, Texas, USA, and welcomed nearly 50,000 attendees.

Want to see a time-lapse video of the massive painting being completed from start to finish? Of course you want to see a time-lapse video of the massive painting being completed from start to finish! Here is Mary Kay's successful attempt, from blank canvas to masterpiece.

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