From the Archives is a new feature here on, in which we'll be showing off some of the many weird and wonderful record-breaking items we have here at Guinness World Records HQ - take a look!

The latest pair of items to be revelaed from our cavernous archive collection here at Guinness World Records HQ, is this pair of skateboards, signed by record-breaking pro skaters Tony Hawk and Tom Schaar:


You may well know the name Tony Hawk from his eponymous series of skateboarding video games released over the last 14 years, the second installment being the best-selling action sports videogame.

Or perhaps you rememember when the man himself nailed the first 900 on a skateboard, completing two and a half aerial rotations in the X Games Five best trick contest on 27 June 1999. If you've not seen it before, or just want to relive the moment, here's a clip:

We received this signed skateboard from Tony when adjudicator Stuart Claxton visited the X Games some years later - and he just couldn't resist covering it in Guinness World Records stickers before getting that signature!


It might sound unbelievable, but up-and-coming pro skater Tom Schaar was not even born when Tony Hawk landed the first 900, and yet he has now surpassed this achievement, aged only 12!

As well as being the youngest X Games gold medallist, he is also landed the first 1080 on a skateboard, three complete rotations in the air. You can see the trick, and learn more about Tom, in our record-holder profile video below:

As you can see, this is a fresh and unused skateboard deck Tom signed and gave to us - surely a valuable collectors item in years to come!



Of course though, like all items in the Guinness World Records archive, this special piece of record-breaking history is not for sale, and will remain safely under lock and key here at GWR HQ in London.

Until next time, happy skating - will you be the first person to land a 1260?!