Yesterday, we officially announced a new Oldest living man, Mr. Salustiano Sanchez, still going strong at the ripe old age of 112 and counting in Grand Island, New York, USA.

To add to the story of this incredible man, here are 10 more fun facts about this supercentenarian:

1.) His full name is Salustiano Sanchez Blazquez, born to Serafin Sanchez Izquierdo and Baldomera Blazquez Sanchez, and following traditional Spanish naming customs.

2.) Born on June 8, 1901, Salustiano shares his birthday with many other famous names. They include Kanye West, Barbara Bush, and Frank Lloyd Wright. Imagine that group going out to dinner.

3.) The decision to emigrate from Spain to Cuba was made by Salustiano and his friends during a friendly card game one day in their hometown of El Tejado de Bejar in Salamanca (roughly 200 km or 124 miles west of Madrid). By the time he, three friends, and his older brother made it to port to depart Spain in 1918, they had to wait a month before being able to board a ship across the Atlantic.

4.) Salustiano entered the United States through Ellis Island in August 1920. This was an interesting time for immigrants through the famed gateway, as the U.S. military used the facilities as a way station during World War I. Only 28,867 immigrants passed through in 1918, while the number jumped to 560,971 the year after Salustiano entered the country.

Oldest man living body copy.jpg

Oldest living man Salustiano Sanchez at home in Grand Island, New York

5.) Of the group of five that went to Cuba, only Salustiano and his friend Sabino continued to the U.S., with the rest returning to Spain. Working in the coal mines of Kentucky some time around 1926, the two were separated and never saw each other again, perhaps due to language barriers after being assigned to different camps.

6.) His relatives still keep a house in Spain right next to the lot where Salustiano's parents' house once stood.

7.) Salustiano enjoyed a long marriage with his wife Pearl, having originally met her at the funeral of a mutual friend.

8.) His hobbies late in life have included vegetable planting, flower gardening, crossword puzzles, and nightly games of gin rummy. And, honestly, he may be onto something with the crossword puzzles into old age.

9.) Salustiano's boyhood idol was the legendary Cervantes character Don Quixote. Quixote, of course, spent adventures traversing his world to restore chivalry. Salustiano says reading and hearing the tales of the Man of La Mancha are what first inspired him to travel.

10.) Looks like fruits and vegetables are the key to a healthy life after all. Salustiano credits his longevity partially to eating a banana a day. He was way ahead of his time, as bananas have proven superfoods for men of all ages.