Ashes 2013 sees Agar with record, watch Andy Murray's Wimbledon win in Legos, and order hugs at this restaurant

By Mike Janela
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England may have the lead, but Australia's Ashton Agar has the record.

In Day 2 of action at the Ashes today, the 19-year-old test debutant made history by scoring the most runs for a No. 11 batsmen in a Test match innings. Agar took his turn with Australia in danger at 117-9 and proceeded to hit for 98 runs. This eclipsed the previous mark of 95, achieved by Tino Best (Barbados) for the West Indies last year, coincidentally also against England.

There's something to be said for the age we live in when what happens in sports or pop culture is often viewed by the prism of what the Internet will do to it afterward. Take, for example, this admittedly amazing clip below of Andy Murray's Wimbledon victory -- recreated completely with Legos. A match that led to the greatest prize money in a Grand Slam reduced to less than 2 minutes of amazing stop-motion.

My personal favourite parts are the little Union Jack logo on Murray's shirt, the cute hugging scene with his Legomom, and wondering just how much free time exactly this video maker had to work with.

Chances are you watched the above on a tablet or mobile device of some kind. And the numbers back it up: research has found that PC sales are down for a fifth straight quarter. That's the longest prolonged time for sales to dip in PC history, as consumers move to mobile devices. The beginning of the end for PCs could easily be tabbed as the launch of Apple's iPad. The seemingly ubiquitous device was the fastest-selling consumer electronics device upon its debut in 2010, as 3 million units sold in the product's first 80 days.

Lastly, one restaurateur has starting asking customers if they " want hugs with that." Tim Harris opened his New Mexico eatery "Tim's Place" and added Tim Hugs to the menu. By his own count, he has fulfilled more than 40,000 such orders, which come at the convenient price of free. If Harris ever gets a free hour during the workday, he might want to think about taking a crack at the most hugs given in one hour, set at 2,436 by Jayasimha Ravirala in Tekkall, India, on Sept. 29, 2012.